New to camping? Or did you previously own a full-sized RV and are planning to downsize? Then check out the teardrop camper!

But what is a teardrop camper, and what are the benefits of having one? Is this really the best option for you and your family? Let’s explore.

What is a Teardrop Camper?

    Also known as a teardrop/square drop trailer, this camper is a small and relatively lightweight trailer or caravan that you can hitch to a ute, SUV, or any mid size vehicle. Unlike full-sized caravans, this type of camper is compact and has a rounded design that resembles a teardrop. 

    What’s Inside a Teardrop Camper?

    A mattress. The moment you open the cabin doors, you’ll find a mattress that lets you sleep comfortably even when you’re camping in the outback or on the beach. The trailers can usually accommodate two adults, but there’s plenty of space for a small child or a pet.

    Cabinets and drawers. Going camping for a week or two? Then you’ll need all the storage for your clothes, blankets, food, tools, and more. Teardrop trailers often have cabinets, drawers, and storage for anything you want to bring to make your trip more comfortable.

    Lighting. Who wants to fumble inside a dark cabin looking for their phone or keys? That’s why manufacturers have installed lighting inside the trailer’s cabin. With ample lighting inside the cabin, you can read a book, or hang out while staying in a remote area.

    Fan. Australian summers are notoriously hot and humid, that’s why a fan is a must for modern teardrop campers.

    Galley. Prepare your favourite meals with ease in the rainforest or the desert with the camper’s convenient galley section. The most basic campers have a standard meal prep and storage area. Other units, meanwhile, come with a stove, so you don’t need to light a campfire to cook your food.

    There are add-ons available if you want a more comfortable experience while off-roading. These include air conditioner units, compact televisions, and more. 

    Contact Hitch Campers to learn more about different add-ons that you can request.

    Why You Should Get a Teardrop Trailer


    Unbeatable Comfort

    Tired of sleeping on the ground in an uncomfortable tent every time you go camping? Then this square drop trailer is perfect for you. Whether you’re in the outback or on the beach, you’ll be sleeping on a soft and comfy mattress all night long.


    Wild animals wandering in the area are one of the hazards of camping. It’s their habitat after all, and they have every right to be there! But you don’t have to stay up all night clutching a torch when you’re sleeping inside this compact trailer. Sleep soundly at night knowing you, your family, and your pets are safe inside the comfort of a secure cabin.

    With the teardrop camper, you’ll also be safe from rain, hail, and the heat of the sun!


    This type of trailer is designed for your convenience. You can hitch it to different mid sized vehicles, and it can go through trails and backroads full-sized RVs can’t go. Plus, it can easily fit inside smaller garages. 

    Need advice on which teardrop camper to purchase or unsure if this is the right kind of trailer for you? Then give Hitch Campers a call so we can introduce you to our range of compact yet durable trailers.