You’re finally ready to go on an adventure in the great Australian outback or one of the country’s national parks. You’re planning to buy a camper trailer, but something’s holding you back.

You’re trying to choose between a regular camper and an Australian-made teardrop camper, and you can’t decide which one to buy.

But what exactly is a teardrop camper, and what sets it apart from an ordinary camper? Find out the answers below.

Compact versus Spacious

Teardrop campers and their more traditional siblings have one distinct difference, and that is the amount of space available inside.

For example, an ordinary camper can typically fit anywhere between four to eight people in the sleeping space. That’s fantastic if you’re camping with your family or a large group of friends.

A teardrop camper will do if you’re travelling alone or with your partner (and/or with your pet). This type of camper can accommodate one to two people, making it perfect for couples or friends.

Consider How Much Weight Your Vehicle Can Tow

Another important factor you should consider when choosing the right camper is the type of vehicle you own and how much weight it can tow.

Teardrop campers offer greater versatility when it comes to tow weight as it is more compact and lightweight. You can hitch it to most SUVs, and not have to worry that you’ll get bogged down as you travel.

A full-size camper, however, would need a bigger and heftier vehicle, such as a pickup or a more heavy-duty SUV.

Tip: check your vehicle’s towing capacity before you purchase your camper

Need a Kitchen?

Teardrop camper with kitchen

Most full-size campers have kitchens. It helps especially if you’re travelling with kids or you get tired of barbecues and takeaways easily.

But the good news is most Australian-made teardrop campers also include one. You can say goodbye to burnt hotdogs and tough steaks, and say hello to freshly cooked food even in the remotest part of the country.