teardrop camper trailer sway

Are you planning a fun outdoor adventure? First, let’s set the scene: You are cruising in your teardrop camper trailer with your favourite music playing in the background while enjoying the scenery passing by. Suddenly, your trailer sways precariously side by side, threatening to fall and possibly bring your vehicle down; this might be the scariest thing that can turn any trip into a nightmare—Trailer Sway!

But don’t panic; you can still salvage your dream vacation. Here at Hitch Campers, we can help you stay clear of trailer sway by learning the basics and examining its causes.

Trailer Sway: A Quick Guide

Trailer sway occurs when a trailer moves from side to side behind the tow vehicle. Also called “fishtailing”, this irregular motion can prompt whipping if speed accelerates.

Common Causes of Trailer Sway

  • check for trailer swayIncorrectly positioned or overloaded caravan

An incorrectly positioned caravan will worsen trailer sway.  Properly distribute the weight by putting the heavier cargo at the front of the trailer. Keep things in place so they won’t move around while you drive. Bear in mind that you have to keep at least 10% of the trailer’s weight to where it hitches to your tow vehicle. In addition, remember to abide by the manufacturer’s towing capacity and not surpass the recommended weight.

  • Weather condition

Experiencing sudden and unpredictable forces of nature while you drive is uncontrollable. Often, trailer sway is triggered by strong wind; the faster your speed when the wind hits you will determine the power of the impact. Although this also applies when a larger vehicle passes by or overtakes, the abrupt change of direction creates a rush of wind and results in inappropriate air pressure in the trailer’s tyres.

Ways to Prevent it

Awareness of the factors leading to trailer sway is helpful for every trailer owner. However, you also have to know the essential steps that will help you act quickly and adequately in the face of this unfortunate event.

  1. Stay calm despite this challenging and stressful circumstance. It will allow you to think clearly and keep your reflexes fast and steady.
  1. Once you notice the sway starting, quickly lift your feet off the gas pedal to reduce speed. Slow down but never apply brakes as this will make the sway harder to handle.
  1. Promptly steer your wheel in a straight position and don’t take any sudden evasive manoeuvres.
  1. Finally, slowly operate your trailer brakes via the brake controller. This action will assist the trailer to gradually realign with the tow vehicle so you can regain control.

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 Contact us for more information. At Hitch Campers, we are dedicated to ensuring safety for you and others on the road so you can experience the most exciting and memorable outdoor escapades!