Ideal vehicle to tow teardrop camper

What Vehicle do I need?

This will depend on the type of camping you want to do and where you want to go. If you are just going to caravan parks and staying on the bitumen a normal SUV will suffice. If you want to get further off the beaten track and into some overland camping a 4×4 vehicle will be required. While some smaller cars may have the towing capacity to pull teardrop style campers, you will need to be weary of ball weights (The amount of downward weight/load applied to the tow ball when towing.) As a starting point we would recommend something with a minimum towing capacity of 1500KG and a Ball weight rating of 150kg. This should allow you to comfortably tow most of the campers in this class. 

How much do teardrops weigh?

Teardrop campers can be anywhere from as light as 6-700kg up to and over 2000kg. There are many contributing factors to weight such as, construction material of the chassis, construction material of the body, IE Metal, Wood or Composite. Our Hitch Campers CANNING starts from 840kg with a ball weight of just 84kg . This is largely due to its lightweight yet durable composite panels that also offer fantastic insulation properties when compared to wood or metal.

Teardrop camper manufacture plate

Do I need to modify my vehicle to tow?

This will depend on the vehicle itself and the accessories fitted to the camper. You will as a minimum require a towbar and a 7-pin plug. (For brake lights and indicators.) If your teardrop camper is over 750KG you will need an electronic brake controller, Either fitted to the camper or the vehicle. If you want to charge your camper’s battery while towing, you will require an anderson plug to be fitted to the vehicle. Depending on the vehicle and the weight of your camper you may need to fit airbag suspension to the rear of the vehicle to prevent sag in the suspension when towing and allow the tow vehicle to maintain a level ride height.

tow hitch point

How should I best prepare my vehicle?

Firstly, speak with the company you are planning to purchase from and let them know your tow vehicle of choice. From here they will be able to recommend the best setup for your tow vehicle to ensure firstly, safety. But secondly to make the most out of your camping trips and experiences. When it comes to fitting electronics to the vehicle speak to your dealer or a reputable auto electrician in your area.